Tai Chi Health Benefits

Modern Medicine is Confirming the Benefits

Tai Chi is a safe, low-impact exercise ideal for people of all ages—including the elderly and those recovering from injuries. The healthy practice emphasizes slow, fluid, low-impact movements that soothe and strengthen the body.

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This soft, “internal” martial art is safe to practice at any age with virtually no impact on the knees, ankles, and joints. That makes it ideal for anyone wishing to enhance their health and flexibility while avoiding potential injuries that can result from high-impact workouts. In fact, Tai Chi is often recommended for the elderly, those suffering from long-term illnesses and depression, and those recovering from injuries like falls.

There is significant on-going medical research on Tai Chi, and the results continue to be overwhelmingly positive.

Better Balance

Stronger Immunity

Increased Brain Activity

Improved Memory

Heightened Agility

Reduction of Stress

Lower Blood Pressure

Better Sleep Quality

Research on the health benefits is continuing worldwide with published results from the Harvard Medical School, The National Institute of Health and other cutting-edge medical organizations. Click the links below to learn more.

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