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Call or email now to learn more about our practice and our schedule. Easy to learn and FUN to do. Safe movements with no pain. RELAXATION for your body and for your mind. BREATHE better and sleep better. Become STRONGER and more flexible. Make Tai Chi River part of YOUR day...every day.

Tai Chi is NOT Yoga

TAI CHI is different from Yoga. There is NO twisting and we NEVER roll around on the ground. The primary lessons are about keeping the FEET on the ground and improving BALANCE. No special clothes, no special shoes, and no equipment necessary . The “Tai Chi Classics” say “All you need is four square feet of space and ten minutes”. Tai Chi can be done as a casual weekly exercise for enjoyment and health, or it can become a life-long practice of study and practice.

TV | Tai Chi is NOT Yoga
iPad | Tai Chi is NOT Yoga
Macbook | Tai Chi is NOT Yoga
iPhone | Tai Chi is NOT Yoga

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Beginners are ALWAYS Welcome!

TAI CHI step-by-step and SAFE... from the comfort of your home.