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Three ways to learn Tai Chi. Convenient. Safe. Fun!!!

Tai Chi River is adapting to the times with a full range on on-line and socially distant opportunities for practice. Join us and feel BETTER!!!

<p><span class="text-xl">Video-on-Demand</span></p>


With your membership, you have full access to our entire library of great Tai Chi instruction. Click one anytime 24/7 and stand up. Feel Better!

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Zoom Live

We use Zoom to broadcast our daily classes. Join us and your friends as we all practice together in real-time.

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In-Person Learning

Tai Chi River teaches in-person classes and workshops in a safe and responsible manner. We are based in Nashville, TN, but we go wherever there are airports!

Learn about YOUR body!

You only get one its IMPORTANT to take good care of it. Come to class and learn easy strategies for improving health, posture, sleep and attitude!

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