Tai Chi for Integrative Oncology Support Care

Motion, health, and relaxation for people living with cancer.

Current research is finding that regular Tai Chi practice brings a wide range of health benefits. Nationwide, doctors and hospitals have endorsed Tai Chi as valuable support care, and continually encourage patients and family to try this ancient practice for physical and mental health.  Begin learning Tai Chi immediately and commit to daily practice.

  1. Online, convenient, and socially distant.

  2. Low Impact so everyone can benefit.

  3. Easy-to-Learn with simple repetitive movements.

  4. Beginners ALWAYS welcome so start now!

You will feel better. Join the Tai Chi River community.

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Oncology doctors and care-givers endorse Tai Chi as an integrative support practice. A generous 25% DISCOUNT off the monthly $18 membership has been provided to the community of people living with cancer.

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"Tai Chi, the Great Ultimate, strengthens the weak and raises the sick..."

Improved Immunity

Better Sleep

Stress Reduction

Strength and Flexibility

Balance and Fall Prevention

Contact us with questions regarding online Tai Chi practice for people living with cancer.

Step 1

COMMIT to starting Tai Chi to promote health and relaxation. Medical research recommends a minimum of three 30-minute classes per week.

Step 2

Use the COUPON below to get 25% off the $18 monthly subscription. Join to activate your membership for online Tai Chi.

Step 3

CLEAR a space where you view your screen straight ahead. Wear any clothes with COMFORTABLE shoes.  

Step 4

BE SAFE!!!  Use a CHAIR for balance and take a break as necessary.


Start a CLASS from our video library or join a live daily class on Zoom.  Stand up, move around, and FEEL BETTER!!!

Tai Chi River invites you to join now and begin your Tai Chi journey!


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