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Comfortable Clothes and Five Square Feet

To begin practicing Tai Chi, simply clear a small space in front of your computer. Stand up and start moving. Download our Student Resources to learn more...

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Don't Be Scared of TAI CHI

This healthful exercise is perfect for all and especially for seniors and people recovering from injuries and illnesses. Begin with these FREE Tai Chi River videos!!

Checklist to Start Tai Chi

Safety First

Nothing in Tai Chi should ever HURT! Take it easy and stay within YOUR 'range of motion.' There will be no extreme stretching or rolling on the ground.

Comfortable Clothes

No special clothes are necessary... just something comfortable. You can practice Tai Chi without changing clothes or showering after!

Wear Flat Shoes

Your shoes will be important for Tai Chi. Wear comfortable shoes that are flat with minimal arch. If your feet hurt, try different shoes next time...or even your barefeet!

Clear Your Space

You will need about five square feet of clear space in front of your computer or screen. Try and face directly towards the screen and not at an angle.

Use a Chair

We recommend that beginners and people working on balance keep a chair nearby. This help is you get 'wobbly' you can grab it for stability. Also, if tired, you can sit and continue with all Tai Chi.

Remove Jewelry and Belts

Tai Chi improves your circulation so we want to remove watches and rings and belts to allow the our bodies to 'flow' properly. Do not constrict your body anywhere during Tai Chi.

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