Beginners Are ALWAYS Welcome!!!

There is a general lack of awareness and understanding about the ancient practice of Tai Chi Chuan – Supreme Ultimate Boxing. People know this as a slow-moving exercise often seen in medical commercials performed by people looking happy and peaceful. There is a vague recognition that it is somehow “like Yoga” and “good for you” and that is about it!!

Tai Chi is an easy-to-learn routine that improves health, balance, and relaxation. These exercises can easily be done by everyone including seniors and people with illnesses and injuries.

Tai Chi River has been organized by Peter Hodes and Rusty Rust who have practiced Tai Chi together for over 25 years. As lifelong Nashvillians, We are dedicated to spreading this ancient art in our hometown and the greater middle Tennessee area. Our practice is Yang-style Tai Chi as proliferated in the U.S. by Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing. This ‘soft’ style is very low impact and is therefore appropriate for people of all ages and levels of strength and endurance.

Cheng Man-ch’ing single-handedly brought Tai Chi to the United States. Originally from mainland China, he escaped the communists in 1949, lived in Taiwan, and then immigrated to New York City in 1964 in the middle of the 60’s counter-culture movement. Like his teachers before him, Professor Cheng broke with tradition and began teaching non-Chinese westerners. Today, practically all Tai Chi in the United States springs from this one man, his small school, and his willingness to teach

Low impact exercise that anyone can practice

Easy-to-learn and helps to improve memory

Gentle movements with no sweating or straining

No special clothing or equipment needed

Guaranteed to make you feel better!!!

We invite you to learn more about us and the Tai Chi that we teach. Come and try a class and see for yourself. We bet that afterwards you feel better all day and then have a great night’s sleep!